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Microcontroller Projects

Atmel AVR for beginners – programming Light Snakes and Air display 
Atmel AVR for beginners 2 – Interrupts and binary counter 
Atmel AVR for beginners 3 – how to write the AVR 
The simplest digital real time clock with AVR 
Multifunctional real time clock with AVR 
Multifunctional clock with 2 displays 
The simplest digital real time LCD clock with AVR 
Digital LCD thermometer date clock with AVR 
The simplest digital voltmeter with AVR 
The simplest digital LCD voltmeter with AVR 
Simple digital thermometer with AVR 
Dual AVR Thermometer (internal + external / laboratory) with MIN / MAX 
Wireless digital thermometer 
Simple 4-channel ON-OFF remote control 
4 command IR remote control 
Simple 16-channel ON-OFF remote control 
Combined 10-channel remote control 
Digital thermostat with AVR 
Simple AVR digital scope 
The simplest frequency meter (counter) up to 10 MHz 
6 digit 10 MHz frequency meter (counter) II 
10 MHz frequency meter (counter) III. with 0,000 001 Hz resolution 
Digital Radiometer – Dosimeter 
The simplest LED sound level indicator 
Sound level indicator with 2x 20 LED and peak indicator 
The simplest digital tachometer 
Simple weather station (thermometer + hygrometer + barometer) 
Simple code lock 
Rechargeable battery capacity meter (analyzer)

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