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Advanced Electronics Tutorials

Diodes Junction Transistors Transistor Fault Finding Unijunction Transistor Field Effect Transistor Operational Amplifier Bels, Decibels and DB Thyristor Triac and Diac Multivibrators The Schmitt Trigger 1 The Schmitt Trigger 2 Reactance and Impedance in AC Phasors and Resonance Microprocessor Systems Combination Logic Flip Flop Sequential Logic ASCII Table Timing / Timer Circuits Test Gears Circuits […]

Electronics for Beginners

Electronics for Beginners Tutorials General Theory Components Test and Measurement DC Theory Digital Circuits Block Diagrams Batteries / Battery Tutorials Switches Tutorial Stepper Motor System Basics Stepping Motor Physics How to use a Multimeter Music, Sound and Special Effects Circuits

Electronics eBooks & eTutorials

Electronic tutorials – VK2TIP CWTD – Design essentials Manual#1 ARRL Test Procedures Manual Understanding Amplifier “Classes” Ham’s Guide to Ferrits, baluns Hagerman Design Theory Site of Llyod Butler – VK5BR Resistor Color Code Capacitor Values Electronics 2000 Crystal Sets to SSB – K0IYE Electronics Tutorials RF Articles – VA3IUL Crystal Sets to Sideband uC Interfacing […]

Beginners guide to electronics – Ebook

This eBook was written by by Martin T. Pickering http://www.satcure.co.uk/accs/kits.htm It comes in 3 forms. 1. html  – 500kB 2. Word Document – 630kB 3. .pdf  – 550kB You can download the book so you can read it later. 1. html  – click this link to see it  “on-line.” 2. Word Document   – click this link if you want to view […]

List of Electronics Mini Project Circuits – Part 4

76 Air Flow Detector Circuit: This Air flow detector circuit can be used to detect the flow of air in areas like car engine. It can also be used as temperature detector. 77 150W Power Amplifier Circuit: Here we designed a power amplifier circuit using push pull class AB configuration to derive a power of […]

List of Electronics Mini Project Circuits – Part 3

51 100w Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit: Here is the circuit diagram and working of 100w subwoofer amplifier circuit. A Subwoofer is a loudspeaker which produces audio signals of low frequencies. 52 DTMF Based Home Automation System Circuit: This is a simple and very useful circuit in our real life named DTMF controlled home appliances system. It […]

List of Electronics Mini Project Circuits – Part 2

26 Battery Powered Portable Light: This circuit is more helpful in handling unexpected and undesired darkness in our homes or offices. It provides considerable amount of brightness required to do our daily tasks. 27 IR Remote Control Switch: By using this circuit, we can control any house hold appliance with the help of remote. In […]

List of Electronics Mini Project Circuits – Part1

1 Automatic Washroom Light Switch: This is a simple but very useful circuit in our real life which helps to automatically turn On the lights when a person enters the washroom and it automatically turns Off the lights when he leaves it. 2 Water Level Indicator: This Water Level Indicator project employs a simple mechanism […]

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